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Private Chinese Lessons


 Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) was founded in 1962. It was the only international university in China with its main task set at teaching the Chinese language and culture to foreign students. Over the past 48 years since its establishment, the university has trained hundreds of thousands of foreign students who are proficient in Chinese and familiar with the Chinese culture, from over 176 countries and regions in the world.

RICH Learning Center (RICH) of Beijing Language and Culture University is a professional Chinese language learning and Chinese teachers training institute. Over 100 teachers and 60 contracted foreign companies and embassies, have the most enjoyable and beneficial Chinese course here!


Exceptional teaching methods
-- BLCU has extensive experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.
--  “easy experience” teaching method, which emphasizes real Chinese experiences and interactions with interesting games.
-- Effective 1hours learning with us will be worth than other choice.

Professional teachers
-- All teachers have teaching certification with over 48 hours advanced training.
-- More than 3 years of experience in teaching
-- Professinal, nice, humorous with fluent language communication.

Various materials
Self-published textbook“Speak Chinese Now”.
-- Over 20 kinds of leaning matirials cover different course types and levels.

Five levels
-- Matirials and teacher will be arranged according to different level.

Formal Certification
-- When you finish the course, you will get a certification of Chinese Language from Beijing Language and Culture University RICH Learning Center. That will helpful in find a job or do business in China.


Our Clients

Airbus 空中客车
Dragon Air 港龙航空
Google 谷歌
International SOS 思奥思国际旅行援助
Israel Embassy 以色列大使馆
Lenovo 联想
Nestle 雀巢
Sennheiser 森海塞尔
WSPA-international 世界动物保护协会

Feedbacks of students

    ●  Morten Stamov     丹麦公司驻京办事处总经理

I live in Beijing long time, I want to study mandarin seriously, but I often go to another city for work. Private Mandarin Courses is the best way to me! I have private mandarin teacher and I can order the class anytime in my office. It is very flexible and convenient for me.


    ●  Christoph Nieberle     德国公司区域经理

I enjoy my private class, which is very interesting because teacher can help with all special questions which are not in the book! My mandarin and communication skill with Chinese people improve rapidly.
    我很喜欢我的私人汉语课程,课程非常有意思,因为汉语老师可以帮助我解决实际工作中的每一个问题,而这些问题是课本上没有的! 我的汉语提高得很快,我可以在公司和我的中国同事用中文交流,感觉非常好!
    ●  Kevan Yalowitz     美国公司总经理
You tailored the course forwards what I wanted to learn. You give me useful vocabulary and greatly listed to increase my fluency. The course was designed to fit my heeds. I found the course to be very useful and will be very fit my Chinese for some time to come. The teacher is outstanding. She was able to meet around my schedule and executed the course very well. Everything is great!
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We offer you a personal Chinese tutor who can help you not only with your Chinese but also your study plan. You can fill up the following table to tell us your personal information and your requests of tutors and the way you would like to learn. Our tutors will contact you as soon as they make a perfect study plan just for you.